Ay Shorty!

So when I first bought the car and added my wheels, someone made note that I needed shorty mud guards.  I was unaware at the time of the world of different guards.

Apparently Miatas came with short guards with a possible extension, and later on longer flaps that are more common.  It’s pretty tough to find a set, and when you do, they’re not cheap.

Short vs Long
Short vs Long. Photo courtesy of Sploinkin.

Enter Ken from Garage Star.

I met him while in Portland, and mentioned the search for shorty flaps, and he told me had some.  And even went further to tell me they were already painted British Racing Green.  He got home and verified it, and sent them to me, only charging postage.

They arrived a few days later.  Not perfect, but great nonetheless.


They will be installed later on.

Running with the Wolves Volume 7: Brain Transplant

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The time has come.  Lobo’s getting a newer, much more capable brain.

In NA6 cars, the ECU is in the passenger floorboard behind the carpet and a metal panel.  Just a few bolts stand in your way of the ECU.

The ECU Cover under the dash in NA6 cars
The ECU Cover under the dash in NA6 cars

Remove the bolts, and carefully remove the cover.  Surprise! ECU!  My brackets were already unscrewed.  Remove the harnesses and remove from car.


The ECU exposed
The ECU exposed


New vs Old
New vs Old

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Running With the Wolves Volume 6: Gauging it.

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The next thing in preparation for the MegaSquirt is installing the Wideband.  Well if we’re going to do it, may as well do it right.  If it was the late 90’s/early 00’s, I may have been inclined to install with an A-piller gauge pod.  But it’s not.  So we’ll stick with a radio panel.

I initially tried making a din panel out of ABS, but it didn’t go well.  Enter the DDMWorks panel.

DDM Works 2 gauge panel.
DDM Works 2 gauge panel.

Continue reading for the install.

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Running With the Wolves Volume 5: Clutching it.

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So a while back I picked up a Flyin Miata Happy Meal.  That’s their Stage 1 clutch and a 10.3lb flywheel.  I got a killer deal on it.  The retail is around 649 shipped, I paid $550 picked up for mine, and it came with intercooler piping and a fuel pump.

Flyin Miata Stage 1 Happy Meal

It was time to install.  It was recommended that I install it before the turbo, to give it time to properly break it in without temptations of boost among other things.

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A new lip?

So while the GV rep looks good, there’s a problem.  Yes it’s a rep, but that’s not what I’m unhappy with.  EVERYONE has one.

A while back, I saw one for sale, but wasn’t sure if I liked it.  It was a TBO/Regulus lip from Japan.  It started out at around$250-300, and the more I saw it, the more it grew on me.  I wanted it.  And then the price dropped to $100.


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Running with the Wolves Volume 4:A Mega Squirt

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Likely the most important part of a car, is the brain, ECU, computer, noggin, carmakeyrunny, or whatever else you call it.  For Lobo I’ve decided to go with MegaSquirt, as many others do.  I originally started looking at a PNP2, but after talking to several people, The MSLabs MS3 Basic caught my eye.  With lots of features that I have no plan to use at the moment, it offers lots of expandability for when I inevitably go full bore and over the top later on. Let’s get into the pics and specs. Continue reading →

Pokémon SNAP was a lot easier than this

I have always wanted to get into actual photography, but never had the chance.


I was recently at a meet, and wanted pictures of Lobo, and searched for the one photographer walking around for way too long,  just to ask him to take some pics.  I decided it was time to buy a grown-up camera.


A few days later I ended up with this Nikon D3300 kit.  It came with two lenses, a bag, SD card, and Wifi transmitter.


Nikon D3300
Nikon D3300


Some of the first pics I took with the camera, in my exclusive apartment parking spot:

0zq4uTY 8wWoUVk FDmOPIb

And a random shot I took on a drive to Atlanta that I really love.


Running with the Wolves Volume 3: Let’s make noises

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Next up for the turbo build is the intercooler piping and blow-off valve.

Horrible picture for now, but this is just your average ebay 2.5″ intercooler piping kit.



Next up is the blow-off valve.  I’ve had it for several years sitting in a drawer, and have been waiting to have something to put it on.

It’s a TurboXS RFL(Real F*****G Loud)-One of the original ones, not the newer ones.

Although it’s got a bad reputation for leaks, we’re going to try it out because the sound is so awesome.

The adapter pipe below has a flange specific for the RFL and will allow us to put it in between the other piping rather than weld into it.

c1yMRqWl 69zADN2l QuuAyBRl


Video for sound example